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50 Inspiring APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes to Rekindle Your Passion and Bring Your Life to Life

Excuses are convenient for the one making them up, but they have no place in real life. Quotations by APJ Abdul Kalam serve as a reminder that life is fleeting and uncertain. Life goes on, but you can’t hang on and think that every day will be the same.

Dreams are pledges to live life to the fullest. Nobody else can relate to your problems or dream. However, your cherished ambition is achievable. Life takes on a unique significance when you follow your dreams, as the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam discovered. Early on, he realised he had promise and went on to become one of India’s finest presidents and scientists.

The world loves Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, also referred to as the “missile man.” Adored by kids and adults alike for his jovial, magnanimous, and compassionate disposition, his legacy lives on via his lessons. These are a few of the most motivational sayings by APJ Abdul Kalam.

Quotes from APJ Abdul Kalam: A Collection of Mean Words

Young people are always inspired by the ideas of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to discover who they are and what they aspire to be. He made significant achievements as an Indian president, scientist, and professor. Between those, he shown the resolve of a committed and inspiring philanthropist who can do big things while being humble. Many visionaries would be inspired by his tenacity.

Here are a few insightful quotes from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam:

APJ Abdul Kalam’s Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

1.You should persevere, and we shouldn’t let the issue overwhelm us.

Life will always present challenges. They are there to help you grow, prepare, and develop.

2. Burn like a sun before you can shine like one.

You are the only thing standing in your way. Sleeping is only a pretext.

3. We are not all equally talented. However, everyone has an equal chance to further their talents.

The unfortunate reality is that chances don’t come around very often.

4.I may not be attractive, but I can lend a helping hand to someone in need. Since the heart, not the face, is what is needed for beauty…

Beauty is independent of how we seem on the outside. It comes from the inside out.

5. Those who never give up are the true winners—not those who never fail.

Resigning and feeling bad about it would be akin to undervaluing the chance. It can’t be obtained exactly like the first time.

6. “Never quit up if you don’t succeed because it’s just your “first attempt at learning.”

A guy who never quits up is unbeatable. Failure exists only when one gives up trying.

7. “Never let your past confine you. It wasn’t a life sentence; it was just a lesson.

The past has vanished with the wind. A lesson is the only thing that remains. You must put that lesson into practice in the future if you want to lead a calm life.

8. “No matter what ups and downs you encounter in life, thinking should become your capital asset.”

Progress is thought. Stasis is the absence of thought in a person, group, or nation. Action follows thought. Without action, knowledge is meaningless and irrelevant.

9. It is a crime to have a small aim; aim high.

No matter what else is going on in your life, you should always aim high. Aiming high in life increases the likelihood that you will discover new things and lessons more often than aiming low.

10. We must persevere and refuse to let the issue overcome us.

The decision to give up shouldn’t be made. You have to have faith in your own ability to persevere as an individual. You ought to give oneself permission to comprehend the situation and provide yourself the fortitude to overcome the issues.

Quotes by APJ Abdul Kalam about Dreams

11. Before your dreams can come true, you must first dream.

The majority of people have families, work, and eventually pass away. Never adhere to their lead.

12. A dream is something that keeps you from falling asleep, not something you see while you’re asleep.

The first step towards accomplishing a goal is dreaming.

13. “Just dream, just dream.” Dreams become thoughts, and thoughts become deeds.

Imagine climbing higher. Give it your whole attention. You will still have been elevated by the cognitive process even if your goal is not achieved.

14. “Every bird seeks cover when it rains.” However, the Eagle soars above the clouds to evade the downpour. Issues are widespread, but how you approach them matters!

You are aware of your problems and how to solve them. Your strategy is what sets you apart.

15. “The key to success is suffering!”

Achieving success requires perseverance through challenges and learning from them. These encounters strengthen character, resilience, and a greater appreciation for accomplishments made. Success would be shallow and meaningless without suffering and conquering challenges. Thus, accepting and persevering through pain is an essential step on the path to real achievement.

16. “Creativity is a result of learning. Imagination breeds thought. Knowledge is obtained through thought. Being knowledgeable elevates you.

Gaining insight and information makes you better. It gives you the ability to make wise choices, positively impact society, and succeed in all that you do.

17. “Get moving! Assume accountability! Put effort into pursuing your beliefs. You are giving up control over your destiny to others if you don’t.

The significance of accepting accountability, acting decisively, and putting your ideals and objectives first in order to guarantee that you are in charge of your own fate and don’t let other people determine how your life will unfold.

18. “If I have a strong enough definition of success, failure will never overcome me.”

Failure stops being a permanent barrier and starts to become merely a temporary setback when you have a strong and precise concept of success. It serves as a reminder that perseverance in the face of setbacks is what truly defines success rather than the absence of setbacks.

19. “Everyone has a divine fire within them from birth. Giving this fire wings and illuminating the world with its goodness should be our goal.

Acknowledge, develop, and harness our innate talent to make a positive impact on the world. It inspires us to value our individuality, follow our passions, and create significant contributions that will benefit present and future generations.

20. “Your mind never returns to its original dimension once it reaches a new level.”

You cannot relearn anything or go back to your old mindset after you’ve grown or gained new insight. Rather, you persist in your evolution and adaptation, consistently pursuing unprecedented depths of comprehension, awareness, and insight.

APJ Abdul Kalam Success Sayings

21. I was prepared to accept the things I was unable to alter.

It’s critical that you think of yourself as the one.

22. After your first triumph, don’t relax since there will be more mouths to speak if you lose the second time around and claim that your first win was luck.

Dreams are often pushed aside by life. Don’t allow your greatest dream be crushed by your first victory.

23. Excellence is not a coincidence. It’s a procedure.

A comprehensive plan along with risk-taking and hard work is needed to attain greatness.

24. There are two guidelines for leading a calm life: one should never let ego or depression take over one’s thoughts in times of achievement or sadness.

Depression tells you that this is how you’ve always felt. It makes you what you never wanted to be, mind poisons.

25. The upkeep of luxury and lies is quite expensive. However, simplicity and truth are free to preserve themselves.

Man has no privilege over any other species except for the lie. However, doing it repeatedly is equivalent to multiplying the same number by zero. Truth multiplies itself, but its beauty rests in its simplicity.

26. “You must have single-minded devotion to your goal in order to succeed in your mission.”

There are a lot of distractions in life, both positive and negative. You can either become sidetracked or keep on course with the aid of these diversions. Having a single focus makes it easier to stay on target and on task.

27. “If my will to succeed is strong enough, failure will never overcome me.”

For someone with unwavering determination, failure is never the end. Any endeavour may only result in success, but persistence over time assures success.

28. “You do not have to salute anybody if you honour your duty; however, you must honour everyone if you dishonour your duty.”

Being dishonest or not being sincere in your duty could get you into trouble. Nonetheless, you are free to choose what makes you happy and gives you the self-confidence to stand tall.

29. “A full pocket spoils you in a million ways, but an empty pocket teaches you a million things in life.”

With Mangalyan, the most affordable spacecraft to visit Earth’s neighbour, ISRO made history by being the only space agency to reach Mars on its first attempt.

30. “The Success is signified when our signature becomes an autograph.”

In this instance, the autograph stands for Reality, and the signature for Dream. Whether you choose to become an engineer or a doctor, when you use yourself to the fullest extent possible, you will live the peaceful, contented life you have always imagined.

Top APJ Abdul Kalam Sayings

31. Man requires challenges in life since they are essential to achieving success.

We occasionally see the shattered parts of our existence. What we do throughout our painful times is crucial.

32. Let’s give up today in order to provide a better tomorrow for our kids.

We need to acknowledge that we are a part of nature and work to warm our hearts and spirits on a global scale.

33. “Seeing the same thing but thinking differently is creativity.”

Imagination and creativity are linked, as is innovation and creativity. Innovation in and of itself is special to everyone who generates a novel concept and turns it into a profitable venture.

34. Science is a wonderful gift from God to humanity; let us not misuse it.

Human evolution has been accelerating ever since the discovery of science. This demonstrates the beauty of science. It is our responsibility as moral creatures to apply science to advance society.

35. The deepest pain or the highest happiness is the source of poetry.

Poem writing is a form of self-examination; some believe it demands skill. However, it is more of a personal way for them to communicate their feelings.

36. “Religion is a means of forming friendships for great men; it is a weapon of war for small people.”

Your attitude is reflected in those around you. Having the proper group of people in your life—neighbors, friends, or coworkers—is a vital indicator of a great guy.

37. “Hard work is the solution; enterprise is the way; thinking is the capital.”

The realisation of ideas and goals requires hard labour. Success requires perseverance and diligence no matter how clever the idea or how creative the project is. The successful execution of plans and the surmounting of obstacles are guaranteed by diligent work.

38. “The best treatment for the illness known as failure is hard effort and confidence. It will help you become a prosperous person.

The quotation emphasises how crucial it is to stay optimistic and commit to hard work even in the face of setbacks. People can overcome challenges, reach their full potential, and succeed in their endeavours by emulating these traits.

39. “You can alter your habits, and your habits will undoubtedly alter your future, but you cannot change your future.”

Positive and productive habits help us build a solid foundation for success and personal development, which positively impacts and moulds our future. It emphasises the idea that even while we might not have direct control over the future, we nevertheless have the ability to influence it indirectly by acting in certain ways.

40. Forty “A good friend is equal to a library, but a best book is equal to a hundred good friends.”

A good friend gives a dynamic, interactive, and highly fulfilling relationship that can be just as valuable and all-encompassing as a library, whereas a great book can offer endless information and friendship. It draws attention to the complimentary functions that each might have in one’s own development and fulfilment.

Well-known APJ Abdul Kalam Sayings

41. The brightest minds in the country could be seated on the back rows of the classroom.

Rearbenchers are self-directed learners. During the lectures, they learn about all kinds of activities.

42. No one will appreciate us if we are not free.

Sometimes people misread freedom. The true meaning of freedom is believing in your own inner freedom and letting it run wild. You’ll have the self-assurance to handle any scenario in life as a result.

43. “Looking back, it’s better to skip class and spend time with friends because memories make me laugh more than marks ever do.”

Enjoying the moment from a young age is considerably more beneficial in your life journey when done with emotion.

44. “Do not drag your feet if you want to leave your footprints on the sands of time.”

Making a significant and long-lasting difference requires initiative, vigour, and commitment. It promotes acting with purpose and decisiveness as opposed to hesitation or procrastination. You may leave a lasting impression and leave a positive legacy that will be remembered by future generations if you move forward with purpose and dedication.

45. “You must comprehend and master the three powerful forces of desire, belief, and expectation if you are to succeed in life and attain results.”

Expectation contributes to the maintenance of an optimistic and forward-thinking mindset, while desire starts the chase and belief keeps it going. When combined, they offer a potent framework for attaining goals and prospering in life.

46. “The home is behind the teacher, and the school is behind the parents.”

the cooperative partnership in a child’s overall development involving parents, educators, and schools. It implies that effective education necessitates a collaboration in which homes and schools complement the contributions made by teachers and parents, respectively. This cooperative endeavor guarantees that kids obtain a comprehensive and efficient education, capitalizing on the joint advantages of both home and school settings.

47. “Reading success stories will merely impart a message; avoid doing so. Read about failures to gain some inspiration for success.

Failure stories teach us more than success stories, even though the latter can be motivating. They provide lessons on how to overcome obstacles as well as specific instances of traps and difficulties. By learning from failures, you can improve your comprehension of the difficulties involved in achieving success and provide yourself with the information you need to forge your own route.

48 “Fear has no place in this world. Strength is the only thing that respects strength.

It is crucial to develop inner fortitude and bravery in a world full of uncertainty and difficulties. We shouldn’t let fear control our behavior or prevent us from achieving our goals.

49. “Let difficulties know that you too are difficult; difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential and power.”

Challenges should not be seen as insurmountable barriers; instead, you should approach them with resiliency, resolve, and the confidence that you have the ability and strength to overcome them. By taking on challenges head-on, you not only conquer barriers but also discover inner talents and abilities.

50. “Beating someone is very easy, but winning someone is very hard.”

While defeating someone could accomplish short-term objectives, winning someone over entails establishing enduring bonds with them and gaining their allegiance or trust. It emphasizes how crucial empathy, open communication, and respect for others are to building deep relationships.

Last Thoughts: A Bharat Ratna and a Message for the Young

We appreciate your motivation! You have always uplifted the young Indian generation’s spirit and shown us how to remain modest while still achieving great success. We shall miss having you here. But we will always have the desire to dream big, pursue our goals, and make our dreams come true.

Ratna Bharat Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has a deep passion for his country and his pupils. He enjoyed mentoring young people, turning them into the greatest scientists, and improving society overall.

These Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes are just a selection of the statements he made throughout his career. With those words, we wish to assist you in forming your vision for a better world.

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