Can Tattoos Be 100% Removed?

If you have a tattoo that you’re no longer happy with, you might be wondering if you can get it removed completely. Maybe it’s a tattoo you got when you were younger and you now regret it, or perhaps it was poorly executed or has become faded over time. Whatever the reason for wanting it removed, laser tattoo removal can be highly effective. Read on to find out more about whether tattoos can be removed 100%.

Can Lasers Remove Tattoos Completely?

Some people are sceptical about laser tattoo removal in London, often doubting that the process can get rid of a tattoo completely. However, lasers are by far the most effective tool for tattoo removal and are usually able to get rid of an unwanted tattoo entirely. Often, there will be no sign of the tattoo after all the sessions have been completed.

Unfortunately, sometimes lasers can’t completely remove a tattoo. Instead, they considerably lighten or fade it so that it’s far less noticeable. Some tattoos are a lot harder to remove than others. For example, older tattoos and stick-and-poke tattoos are usually easier to remove than newer tattoos.

The positioning of the tattoo plays a major part in how easily it can be removed. The face, neck and back have high counts of blood and lymph node counts, making tattoo removal easier. High rates of success are often seen on the arms and legs too. The further down your body the tattoo is, the harder it will be to remove.

Lifestyle factors can also play a significant part in the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal. Smoking in particular can make the process take a lot longer. Studies show that smokers are 70% less likely to see an effective tattoo removal over a course of ten sessions.

Although it’s possible to completely remove a tattoo using lasers, it can’t be guaranteed.

How Many Sessions Are Required To Remove A Tattoo?

You may need to receive several sessions before your tattoo is removed. The number of sessions you’ll need depends on a range of factors, including the age, size, location and colour of the tattoo you want to remove. Your practitioner will be able to let you know how many sessions will be required to get rid of your tattoo successfully.

Does Tattoo Laser Removal Leave Scars

Laser tattoo removal is unlikely to leave scarring if performed correctly by an experienced and qualified practitioner. However, it can result in blisters and scabs, which are simply signs that your body has started to heal itself. Of course, picking or peeling scabs after tattoo removal can raise the risk of scarring and infection occurring, so try to avoid this. Laser tattoo removal doesn’t usually cause any damage to the skin since the laser is carefully calibrated to target the ink alone, ensuring that the surrounding tissue is unharmed.

Laser tattoo removal is extremely effective in most cases, often getting rid of tattoos completely. However, it’s important to know that complete removal can’t be assured. Sometimes, tattoos only fade partially, leaving a “shadow” image behind.

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