Ideas Of Indoor Plants To Keep In India

Everyone knows that a touch of green can liven up the decor. Lush green plants always represent well-being and good health. Hence one must always keep lively plants in their home.

One can buy online plants but one cannot buy just any plant because not all plants are suitable to grow up indoors in India. Hence here are a few plant ideas that one can think of keeping at home:

Areca Palm 

They grow up to 2 to 3 metres in height and this is the easiest plant to keep at the house. They are the sturdy ones which can easily combat stressful weather and they also have kind of low maintenance. These plants have lovely fronds that can release moisture easily. It also can eliminate carbon monoxide because of its gas-absorbing ability. Areca Palm is non-poisonous and non-toxic and so it is safe for children as well. One must use sturdy pots to plant them because they grow heavy and big. One needs to choose containers that have drain holes because if there is waterlogged soil then it can rot. They need to be filtered and indirect light and one has to water them on a daily basis.

Money Plant 

It is an evergreen vine that is very easy to grow and can withstand sudden changes in the climate. Hence they grow well in Indian weather and under low light conditions as well. The best part of this plant is that they have heart-shaped green leaves which make them look really attractive. This plant is considered to be lucky and auspicious and one must place it in the South East corner of the house if they believe in Vastu Shastra. This plant can grow in any container, jar or bottle. One has to water them twice or thrice every week.

Peace Lily

They are not from the lily family but they are a very favoured house plant. They can adapt most of temperatures and climate conditions. They are visually attractive and they can also cleanse the house air from pollutants like benzene, acetone and alcohols. The pots to keep this plant should be 25 cm in diameter and should have drain holes to prevent the rotting of the roots. The plant grows well in no sunlight areas and one must water them every 2 to 3 days in a week.

Aloe Vera 

This plant is very popular because of its health benefits. It has been used as a succulent for ages in beauty products and medicines and sometimes in health drinks as well. This is also a beloved house plant that grows well in a tropical climates. Hence it is a must-have in every home. One can grow this plant in a small or medium-sized pot. It needs some bright sunlight to grow well.

When it comes to online plant shopping these above-mentioned ones should be the top choices if one wants to grow some plants indoor and that too under the Indian weather.

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