Hair Straightening

Temporary Or Permanent Hair Straightening? How To Decide

It is tough. It gives you a lustrous shine, and it grows out easily. These are just some of the reasons you may consider straightening your hair. If you have naturally curly hair, hair straightening can give you a fresh look. When choosing to go straight, you can either make it temporary or permanent. 

Temporary vs permanent hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening uses chemicals to remove the frizz and curls from your hair. Your straight hair will last until you start to grow out new hair. Temporary straightening uses a hair straightener which applies heat to your hair and causes it to lose its frizz and curls. Using the best hair straightening machine and the right hair care products can help make temporary straightening last for weeks. Your hair type also determines how long your straightened hair lasts. 

When to consider permanent versus temporary straightening

Keeping hair straight for long

Permanent methods of hair straightening are great when you want to keep your hair straight for a long time. You can opt for temporary straightening with a hair straightener when you want to achieve that shine and glow for a few days or weeks. 

Increased hair care

When you straighten your hair permanently, get prepared for the special maintenance work that comes with it—touch-ups every fortnight, carrying your shower cap everywhere you go, name it. 

Letting go of your natural curls

With permanently straightened hair, you will not be able to bounce your natural curls.  If you prefer to have your curly hair at times, using a hair straightener is a better option.

Hair length and volume

When you settle for permanent hair straightening, wearing hair extensions could be your new lifestyle whenever you want to rock fuller-looking hair. If you want to straighten your hair and still maintain its volume, there are other methods you can use in addition to a temporary hair straightener. These include using shampoos which control frizz, treatments that can deep condition your hair, and natural remedies for straight hair.

Tips to keep your straight hair looking amazing

Keep it less oily

Oily hair can look messy, leave your head feeling burdened, and make it easier for your hair to attract dust and other particles which makes it dirty. To tackle oily hair, spray your hair roots with dry shampoo before you go to bed. The shampoo will absorb the excess oil.

Boost your hair

When you notice that your hair is too dry, spray it with a hair spray and comb it back to regain the shiny look. When your hair is wet, massage in some hair mousse in the roots and blow-dry it a bit. 

Spice it up

Straight hair can bore you after a while. Find some interesting hairstyles to make you look edgy. You can opt for a bob or a good cut

Remember that straightening your hair permanently using chemicals will require you to be more intentional with your hair care routine. If you are not up to the task, stick to a hair straightener. 

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