Why Wearing Ruby Will Benefit You?

The sparkling Ruby is one of the most beautiful stones available for astrological purposes. The red ruby is governed by the Sun. Wearing the ruby ring is very important because it is considered an essential and influential stone. Much is written about this stone and its effects in Hindu scriptures as well. However, just like all other stones its usefulness also depends on birth chart of the person wearing the same. So, you will have to consult a good astrologer before you buy ruby.

How does the stone look?

Theruby is definitely red in colour but various shades are available and you can find it in any colour from a darkish pink to a total red. Wearing a ring of such bright colour will definitelydraw people’s attention towards your hand. An element called chromium is present in a ruby stone which lends it the deep red colour and makes it so attractive. The most precious ruby stones are supposed to have pigeon’s blood in them. They are also extremely smooth with a great shape. 

Usefulness of Ruby

Ruby is very important for reversing the ill effects of certain planets. But that can be ascertained only after consulting a professional astrologer. Every planet has an energy field which it activates when a person wears the stone. It affects the actions and energy of the person. The planet connects with the stone and the ruby with the person wearing it. 

Ruby represents the Sun and its powers. In astrology, this planet occupies the most important position in the birth chart. It represents courage, integrity, authority and power. If the Sun occupies a favorable position in a person’s chart then all is supposed to go well with the person and he or she will have great respect. But if the Sun is in a bad position then the person is likely to suffer from financial crisis and unprofessionalism. Under such circumstances wearing it can be very useful.

  • A ruby can help in improving the image of the person as well as his respect. It also offers clarity of thought and aids in getting over foolish ideas. 
  • The presence of the stone in your life is useful for getting favors from the government or administration. 
  • In case you are suffering from depression then also this stone can be immensely helpful.
  • The ruby stone is extremely helpful in attaining money and high stature. The royalty of the earlier times used to wear it. 
  • The stone has also been found to be effective in reaching goals in life. It helps you to get focus, clarity and the power to hang to the chosen path. 
  • In case of health issues, you can buy ruby to control problems like unstable mind, rheumatic problems, problems related to blood circulation, lack of confidence etc. 

You can always buy ruby online but make sure to purchase only certified products. Duplicate stones are also available in the market so be careful before making a purchase. Wear the stone only after purifying it properly. 

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