Hillandale Farms- Do Sustainable Farming Practices Really Make A Difference To The Environment?

When it comes to sustainable farming, many people are curious to know whether it really makes a difference to the environment or not. Experts in the field state that it does as it deploys 56% lesser energy per unit produced of crops resulting in about 64% more secondary emissions of greenhouse gases per hectare. This leads to a greater level of bio-diversity than traditional or conventional farming.

Hillandale Farms- What Are The Benefits Of Sustainable Organic Farming?

Hillandale Farms is a respected name in organic and sustainable farming in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, USA. This credible company specializes in eggs shells and other organic food products. The experts here state that the demand for organic food products has risen drastically despite them being more expensive across the world. People are conscious and more aware of the dangerous effects of chemicals used on food crops to accelerate production. They know such food crops when ingested, can cause many ailments in the human body.

Why Are Organic Farm Products More Expensive?

Organic food products are more expensive because there is more labor involved in the process. The practices are certified in such a way that they should be separated from conventional food products while being transported and processed. The costs that are linked with marketing and distribution of even small volumes of an organic product are high. Moreover, in some cases, the supply of the specific product produced by sustainable methods is limited.

The experts of these farms go on to state that the extensive use of medicines, chemicals, and other genetic modifications permits some food to be cheaply produced in large volumes. This makes the retail price tags lower than organic food products in the market. The above practice is often deceiving to the customer because it needs to reveal the costs of the damage the processes do to the environment. This price is healthcare is enormous, and consumers need to bear it for the treatment of diseases that emerge from the food they eat.

The Dangers Of Food That Have Been Ultra-Processed For Human Consumption

Ultra-processed food is high in energy and very low when it comes to nutrients. Little do people know they cause heart ailments, diabetes, stroke, and multiple types of cancer. This is a matter of concern, especially during the post-pandemic era. People with pre-existing health issues are more prone to disease and infections.

The experts here at Hillandale Farms are committed to their consumers and ensure that all the technologies, practices, and techniques are sustainable in nature. The team on these Farms not only cares about the chickens and animals they raise, but they are also committed to providing their customers with safe products that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The Farms have earned several certifications when it comes to animal welfare and safety. Besides the above, the experts here are committed to helping the homeless and regularly donate to shelters so that the needy can get basic needs like food, clothes, and protection to live a life with dignity.

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