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Planning The Ultimate Dream Wedding What Not To Forget

So, it’s finally happened. Your partner proposed, and now you are a happily engaged couple. What comes next Planning your dream wedding, of course! You will only have one wedding, and so you need to make sure that it is perfect. Starting to plan early is the easiest way to ensure that your big day is special. Creating a romantic and fun wedding day is your ultimate goal. With all the commotion of wedding planning, you might miss a few essential details. Here is everything you need to remember when you are planning your big day.

Announce your engagement

When your partner proposes, it might take you by surprise. Once you’ve uttered a simple ‘yes,’ it’s time to tell the world. One interesting way you might want to announce your engagement is by hiring a photographer for some unique photos. The photographer can take some artsy photographs, which will be the perfect way to announce your union.

Pick a date that suits you both

You will celebrate your wedding date every year for the rest of your life. You need to choose a date that suits you and your partner. Summer weddings are always popular, and so you might want to consider this option. If there is a date that is already special for the two of you, say the date that you met, you might want to choose that as your wedding date. Talk to your partner and see what works for him before you decide.

Choose your rings

Your wedding rings say everything about you as a couple. It is always a good idea to choose a classic style of rings so that they don’t go out of fashion. After all, your marriage will last a lifetime; it’s not a passing phase. Look for elegant silver or white gold rings as they look less brash than yellow gold pieces. Make sure that you choose a design that you adore as you will wear the ring every day.

Find a magical venue

Wedding venues tend to book up fast. If you want the perfect venue for your wedding, you need to book way in advance. If you are hoping to get a last-minute deal, it is also worth calling up your favourite venues. People occasionally cancel. If you are lucky, you might get a late deal on the venue, but you shouldn’t count on it.

Decide on a cuisine and find caterers

Wedding cuisine can sometimes be a little on the dull side. Decide on a cuisine that will wow your wedding party. Sushi and Japanese style dishes are hugely popular right now. You could even have a Japanese themed wedding. Choosing a unique theme for your big day will make the occasion memorable for you and your guests. When you hire caterers, see what they include in their package. Some caterers offer only a food service, whilst others, offer food and table decorations. If you can get your caterers to take care of your table settings, you have one less job on your list.

Create a unique cake

Your cake is the centerpiece of your party. First, you need to choose how many tiers you want for your cake. Traditionally, wedding cakes tend to have three tiers, but you might want to be a little extravagant. Having a wedding cake with many tiers will make your centerpiece stand out. You could have a different flavour of cake in each tier so that there is something for everyone.

Choose bridal party outfits

Your bridal party outfits should match the decor of your wedding reception. Choose one main colour to use as an accent color. Popular colours include purple and gold as they tend to give a regal feel to the event. When you choose your bridal party outfits, make sure that you have your bridesmaids with you. Many brides just tell their bridesmaids what to wear, but it is better to let them have a say too.

Find the perfect wedding dress

One thing that every bride struggles with in the lead up to her wedding day is finding the perfect dress. It can feel like it is impossible. You likely have an image of your ideal dress in your mind already. Online publications, such as dreamwedding.com, have loads of handy tips that might help you to find a dress. Again, it is not wise to go with trends or fashions. You don’t want to buy something that you will later regret. Instead, look for a vintage, classic design that will look chic.

Hire a photographer

Some people scrimp when it comes to wedding photography, but you mustn’t do that. Your wedding photos will be the best memento of your special day. You will want to keep the photographs forever. When you are hiring a photographer, make sure that you look at his portfolio. You need to see examples of his previous work so that you know whether he will be the right one for you. Ask your photographer to take some candid shots of you and your partner getting ready for the wedding.

Get personal flower arrangements

Don’t forget to plan your flower arrangements! Many people think that they can leave ordering their flowers until the last minute. If you are having your wedding during peak-time, it will be a busy time of year for florists. You want to ensure that your flower arrangements suit the decor of your wedding. You should order them when you plan your reception.

Make some wedding favours

A fabulous way to make your day memorable for your guests is to make your wedding favours yourself. Favours are cute little presents that your wedding guests take home with them. You might want to make some sweet chocolate boxes, or maybe some homemade candles. Making some unique favours is thoughtful, and it will save you a little money too. People remember small touches. If you give people something that you have personally made, it will mean the world to them. Ask a friend to help you make your favours so that you can make them twice as fast.

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