IVF Treatment

Things You Must Know Before Getting Into IVF Treatment

Getting pregnant is a wonderful feeling for family-expectant couples, but it does not come easily to all of them. Some of us have it tough and conceiving a child is not that easy. Though it might be a little tricky and sturdy, you should never lose hope as modern treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) can help you bring happiness in the family again. Below are some of the essential points that you must be aware of before getting started with an IVF treatment.

It Needs a Lot of Work and Patience

An IVF treatment is not a one-time task that you can just go and get over with. It takes up a lot of time and required tremendous patience. You should expect almost daily visits to the doctor for 10-12 days for various tests and ultrasounds. The necessary process is first to give self-administered shots or medications that can stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs. After a few days, the produced eggs are taken out of your ovary under general anaesthesia. These are then combined with your partner’s sperm inside a laboratory. After a few days when the embryo is a bit mature, it is placed back into the uterus. After sometime, you would need to revisit the doctor for blood tests and other pregnancy-related tests to check if the IVF has worked or not.

Your Health is Essential

The health of the conceiving mother is vital to the whole process as it plays a significant role in affecting the success rate of the IVF treatment. Before getting started with the procedure, you make sure that you’re clean from tobacco, alcohol and such. You should also have a healthy weight and be maintaining healthy medical conditions, that is, terms such as blood pressure or diabetes are under control. These factors can immensely favour your pregnancy.

You Can Make it Affordable

On aa approximate scale, the Average Cost of IVF Treatment in India (using your partner’s sperm) can lead up to $6,000. However, there are options with which you can lower down these costs. Although many insurance companies might not cover the expenses of the treatment itself, they might be ready to cover the costs of lab tests, ultrasounds, etc. Also, there are various financing options available these days to provide aid to needed patients. You can use such financial aid programs and free samples that are given out by fertility centres.

It is possible to experience side effects

With so many tests and procedures going on, you should not panic or get anxious if you experience mood swings, bloating or cramping near the pelvic area, slight discomfort or breast tenderness. There could be other possible symptoms as well depending on individual cases. You should contact your attending doctor if you are experiencing any such symptoms.

With the IVF Treatment Package, you can again have changed to get pregnant. This whole treatment procedure requires you not to lose hope and be patient all the way!

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