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What Is The Importance Of A Contactless Attendance System?

Today, due to the Covid-19 pandemic businesses all around the world are affecting a lot. Many offices are allowing their employees to work from home but there are many offices that are not following this rule. The safety of employees and staff is very important; so, installing or using a contactless attendance system is very essential. The Contactless attendance method also improves security and user comfort. ]

Importance of a contactless attendance system

  1. A Fingerprint attendance system may result in a huge risk of getting an infection because of the regular touches on the device by employees. As per the experts, the most common reason for the transmission of the virus is through touching the infected surfaces. So, a touchless attendance system saves employees from getting infected.  
  1. One of the popular attendance systems is a system based on face recognition. Offices can use smart attendance with real-time face recognition for identifying the faces of employees to take attendance with face biometrics. Additionally, computer systems can recognize and detect faces accurately and quickly in images or videos that they obtain by using a surveillance camera. 
  1. An automated contactless attendance arrangement handles the record of collected information. With this technology, it is also possible to know whether employees are working efficiently or spending more time on mobile phones. 
  1. It also gives a detailed report of the attendance of employees that managers get through Artificial Intelligence. Then, at the end of the day report can be sent to their respective managers.
  1. This type of attendance system is hygienic, easy to use, and takes very less time to register a new user. It is also vital to allot the appropriate rights group to each user and the system will do it all automatically.
  1. Touchless attendance setup is also important because it has a feature to adapt to suit any business. Many organizations use it for both door-opening as well as attendance systems. Also, you can easily expand the system with hundreds of devices in single central software. Furthermore, using this type of face recognition system you can print the documents as well as obtain the keys.  
  1. After installation, the contactless attendance terminal requires little attention as compared to other systems. These are easy to use and reduce the workload of the other staff as well.
  1. During the attendance, if there will be an irregular detection then a signal is emitted that can be acoustic or visual. Also, if there is a connection of the device to an automated access gate then it will block its opening preventing the individual from passing through. Hence, this type of attendance is very important from a security point of view. 

Final Words:

There are many companies offering a contactless attendance system at different prices. You must look at all the features before choosing one. It is better to go for a customizable solution that can include all aspects of organizational needs. Therefore, due to the pandemic, people now are more concerned about social distancing and touching surfaces. In this situation, contactless attendance setup in offices or organizations plays a great role to keep people safe from infections.

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