Cameras To Keep You Close To Home

What is the first thought you would have when locking up your front door before leaving for a vacation? Inadvertently, for 80% of us, it would be the concern of safety for our homes. It’s pretty simple to understand that in today’s world where crime rates are always on the rise, the need for surveillance is even greater. This is where security cameras and specifically, a long distance IP camera system comes in very handy.

Not just in households or residential buildings, efficient surveillance is also required at offices, warehouses and industry shop floors. Security cameras help monitor places where human resources cannot be used for a variety of reasons. Apart from hazardous environments like chemical storage places, security cameras also help in filling in for the temporary absence of security guards.

With the advent of better and more economical technology, IP camera systems are the preferred choice over traditional CCTV systems. While costing a fraction of a high-end CCTV network, these modern cameras deliver the same and even better video footage, along with the discernible audio recording. The security footage recorded via IP cameras are in digital format and can be transferred to different systems way more easily than converting footage from DVR in case of CCTV. The kind of costly cabling and professional help needed to set up a CCTV system is also not needed in case of IP cameras. The only prerequisites for the proper functioning of an IP camera are the presence of a decent internet connection and constant power supply. If the area being monitored has a sunny climate overall, even a solar panel can be used for the backup power supply.

Small in size and highly portable, IP cameras are a great choice for almost every environment. Being low cost as well, replacing them or having multiple cameras monitoring a single area is very feasible and budget-friendly. The primary consideration while using such cameras is to make sure that the placement covers entrances, exits, and areas that are normally considered blind spots. This way, the cameras can be much more efficient, since most of them don’t include timed sweeping functions. It should also be kept in mind that the connectivity of the camera is not hampered. So, if you have a particularly large area to be monitored, it is a good idea to install signal boosters and repeaters. The cameras don’t come with any kind of backup power supply, thus connecting them to an uninterruptible power supply would make sure the cameras keep functioning even if the main power supply suffers any temporary issues. In terms of longevity, it helps if you look for more hardy and well-built cameras if they are going to be installed outside or in environments where the weather changes abruptly.

In closing, always keep in mind that investing in a good security camera will go a long way in ensuring that you have peace of mind even if you aren’t always personally present at the place you want to be safeguarded. 

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