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Enjoy The Services Of Online Food Order In Train

There are countless people who feel that the train journey is more enjoyable than flights. You too must be feeling the same. Travelling in train gives you a chance to meet new people and try out various cuisines. When it comes to the food of trains, people are scared to eat the meals cooked in the unhygienic surroundings of pantry cars. While travelling in a train, you do not want to fall sick by consuming unhealthy food. To make sure you have healthy food while you are journeying in a long journey train, IRCTC has come up with a great idea of serving the passengers of trains with sumptuous meals which are cooked in a hygienic environment. The e-catering service in trains have turned out to be successful and the passengers are appreciating the railway e-catering online portal. 

Why train e-catering is best? 

Ordering food through the railway online portal has several benefits. Read through the pointers mentioned below to know the benefits.

* Take the pleasure of munching on the meals and snacks while travelling in trains with the help of an online train food service centre. 

* Order your choice of food from the eminent caterers and food chain companies.

* Dive in the umpteen choices of food and various cuisines which you will find in the menu of a train e-catering service centre. 

* As per your choice of station, you can get your delivered right at your seat.

Renowned food delivery platform 

Ordering meals from the reputable online food delivery service provider will not affect your health in the least. The train e-catering service centre provides online meals to nearly 4000 trains and in 250 stations. There have been no complaints from the train passengers in regards to the meals of the railway e-catering service. The online food order in train opens up access to the passengers of trains to get their choicest meals in just a few clicks. 

Get the rich taste of food

When you order food from a certain restaurant, you make sure that the foods are rich in taste and quality. If you are pining to satiate your taste buds with the delicacies of restaurants, then you have a choice of tasting meals of good restaurants. The meals you order from the online portal are prepared by the esteemed chefs of restaurants and food courts. While enjoying the panoramic view outside the window, you can feel the yummy taste of non-vegetarian meals, vegetarian meals, North Indian and South Indian dishes, Jain Thali, Italian and continental dishes. The crunchy snacks are something unmissable.

Method to order 

Although you have the option of ordering meals from the website of train e-catering service, you can also select the convenient step of ordering meals from your smartphone by using the app or via calls. For placing the online order of your desired food, you will have to mention the PNR number of your train, enter the station name where your meals will be delivered, click on the meals you wish to order and choose a payment option to pay your food online. You will get your tasty meals at your mentioned station. 

Stay healthy with high-quality meals of the online train food service centre. Enjoy your train journey to the core. 

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