Registration Of Visitors

Software For The Control And Registration Of Visitors

This Program for the Control and Registration of Visitors offers our clients the following possibilities:

  1. Intuitive use by security/reception staff.
  2. Control of entry to venues where registration of movements of people is required.
  3. Organize concerted visits that require destination control, permanence, and issuance of visitor labels.
  4. Have access to all available information from any point.
  5. It is based on the latest technology in document recognition.


This free visitor management software has been designed for security controls at the entrances to public buildings, large companies, residential areas, clubs, etc., that is, any place where there is security (or registration) personnel who require identification of visitors. It has been done based on the experience developed by other applications and technology for the recognition of identification documents (DNIs, passports, residence cards, driving licenses, etc.).

But in addition, to keep the registry of visits, we will carry out the control of the previously arranged, the permanence in the place, the destinations of the visits, we will make historical visits, and we will issue the visitor labels and others. If we have a commercial purpose, the appropriate data (e.g. address, e-mail, mobile number) will also be registered, with other tools included in the application, for subsequent advertising campaigns.

The best free visitor management app of the data entry program, which can be done by the receptionist or security guard, is very simple. For the capture of identification data (document number, name, address, date of birth, etc.), as well as photo and signature, the integrated document scanner is preferable, but you can also enter the data manually, so your operation would be autonomous. Therefore, the Vizitor  is one of the best management apps that will help people in managing all the important data about the visitors coming to the offices, schools, etc. Hence, this is an app that will provide exciting features to the people who are in need of management software. 

The visits database is centralized in a single file with immediate access from all positions; therefore it can be used in single access places and in buildings or complexes with multiple entrance doors.

The control and registration of visitors have password access security, for greater data protection and to comply with current regulations regarding confidentiality.

As the software is configurable, parameters can be applied at our convenience; for example, saving a photo and/or signature, printing labels to visitors and in what form, registering data in the visitor file for commercial actions (sending letters, e-mailing, congratulations, SMS, etc.).

We will have all the information in statistics and reports for control and analysis, obtaining dates, times, residence times, places, a person visited, frequency of visits, and others. On the other hand, with regular visitors, it is advisable to speed up the entry into the place (e.g. suppliers, collaborators, customers). Our application allows them to be pre-registered, to avoid useless delays.

We can make reports or queries with a filter, by dates, department visited, an area visited, person, visited, visitor, visiting company.

As we saw, the program can work autonomously or in a network, so that in several different positions it is working at the same time with the same application. This allows simultaneous entry and exit registration for different accesses, very useful at times with a large influx of visitors.

Lastly, we would like to say that this Visitor management app is very much beneficial because it helps people in maintaining every single details about the visitors. Hence, there are no more worries of doing paperwork in the office as the details will be maintained digitally through the help of this software.

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