Why Kids Need Sunglasses?

Protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun is very important, no matter the age. Parents ask professionals all the time, whether their kids need sunglasses – and the answer is a resounding yes; they do. Vision issues can happen during any stage of an individual’s life, so kids should start preventing these problems early on.

Let us take a closer look at some ways eyepieces can protect kids from common eye issues. We will also explain how younger generations can benefit from a thorough eye examination. With tons of luck, the knowledge listed below will help individuals see comfortably and clearly for many years.

How are kids’ eyes different from adults?

A child needs sunglasses because the lens in their eyes allows more ultraviolet rays to pass through than adults’ eyes. Since ultraviolet rays that enter the eye can cause severe cell damage, this puts kids at higher risk for a lot of complications. We will discuss the most common problems in this section.

There is also another reason kids may need additional eye protection, and it is a simple one: they tend to spend a lot of time outside the house under the sun’s heat. This prolonged exposure, combined with their susceptibility to UV light from the sun, makes protection for younger individuals a must.

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Common visual issues caused by the sun

Eyepieces with Ultraviolet 400 protection can block 100% of the radiation from the sun and can usually decrease the likelihood of visual problems appearing in individuals who wear them from an early age. Listed below are some issues UV radiation can cause.


This condition happens when the eye’s lens becomes clouded. Individuals who develop this condition describe the effect as the same as looking at frosted windows. Removing these things usually requires surgery, so preventing them from happening is very important. Studies show that substantial exposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase the chances of developing cataracts later in life.


This kind of tumour is benign in nature and is also called “Surfer’s Eye.” It usually is caused by eye cells dividing abnormally because of UV radiation. It can result in pinkish growth near the eye’s cornea. This visual problem often affects the eyes and can grow big enough to envelop the entire pupil. If this happens, a child’s vision can be impaired.

Photo-conjunctivitis and Photokeratitis

Think of these problems as getting sunburns on the eyeball. In each case, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes inflammation of eye tissues. Photokeratitis happens when the cornea becomes inflamed. On the other hand, Photoconjunctivitis happens when the membrane that lines the eyelids and the socket is inflamed. These membranes are also known as the conjunctiva.

A lot of these conditions are unlikely to happen during infancy and childhood. Although exposing their eyes to direct sunlight can expand their chances when they grow older. But these conditions are common problems in kids and may come with multiple unpleasant symptoms like blurred vision and pain. That is why using eyepieces like Saint Laurent Glasses is one way to prevent these problems.

Skin cancer around the eyes

Sunscreen is vital when it comes to protecting the skin when doing outdoor activities, but a lot of people do not apply it around the visual area because it stings like you put alcohol to a wound. The bad news is, it also means that ultraviolet radiation can affect the skin in the visual area, increasing the risk of getting skin cancer in these areas. Like the problems mentioned above, skin cancer can develop after years of constant ultraviolet exposure, so the sooner people start protecting the skin in their child’s visual area, the less likely it can affect them.

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